When will my order arrive?

We will ship your order within 1-7 business days. In case of special circumstances, we will contact you within a week.
The goods will arrive within 7-30 days after shipment but we cannot guarantee the condition of the package in transit so delays are inevitable.

If you do not receive the goods after 30 days, we will give you a $30 gift card as compensation. After 30 days, the gift card amount will be increased by $1 for each day thereafter until you receive your package.  (The date of receipt of the package is subject to the delivery date shown in the logistics.)

If you want to double-check on your order status, send us a note at:  [email protected]. 


Why is my address not supported for purchase?

Please be advised that currently we are unable to ship to Brazil, Chile, Greece, India, Russia and Thailand. 


How much does shipping cost?

We offer FREE shipping worldwide on orders over $259, otherwise you will need to pay $18 for shipping.

Please note: The conditions of free shipping may be adjusted depending on different activities.


How much do I have to pay in duties and taxes?

You will need to pay import taxes and duties in accordance with local laws and restrictions. These will not be shown as part of the final price at checkout.

If a package is returned or destroyed because you refuse to pay the duty, the resulting charges will be deducted from your order.