Types of Silk

Types of Silk

Mulberry silk

Our Mulberry silk products are the most durable and luxurious that is made from a 100% natural fiber and the highest quality silk. Many dermatologists recommend silk bedding and clothing for people with sensitive and easily irritable skin because of its fine, feathery, and delicate feel. Mulberry silk is soft to the touch, breathable and has a glamorous iridescent shine that will compliment your skin with no doubt.

Weave Methods

What’s Momme Count

Momme (mm) is used to measure the quality and density of silk fabrics.

1MM = 4.3056 grams per square meter
16MM = 69 grams per square meter
19MM = 82 grams per square meter
22MM = 95 grams per square meter
25MM = 108 grams per square meter

and so on…

The density of silk is measured by momme and depending on the thread counts. The higher the thread count, the more durable the fabric, and of course, the more costly.

The higher the momme weight, the more luxurious the fabric is. However, it depends on if such thickness is suitable for types of silk product. For example, lightweight 16mm silk is normally used for scarves, 19mm and 22mm is for sleepwear and clothings. If using a 25mm silk for sleepwear would be too heavy to put on in bed, but 16mm is too sheer for clothing and not that durable. In other words, it is worth making consideration when choosing the right momme for the proper silk product.